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New Beginnings

Farm fresh vegetables
Farm fresh vegetables

This time of year is always so special with all the new life growing on the farm. Our baby calves and chickens are getting bigger, and the hay fields are being harvested. We also have fresh veggies and strawberries that are ready for picking. It’s so encouraging to see produce taking off after all of the work that is put into it each year.

We currently have fresh seasonal vegetables for purchase, and CSA openings are available. You may contact us or request to sign up as a CSA through our website to enjoy the produce in our garden. We offer a CSA membership by the week or for the season. Our gardens are hand weeded only, no harsh chemicals or pesticides are used.

Baby calf
Baby Dolly, 2 days old

This summer has been extra special with the opening of our Farmhouse for guests. It has been an idea for over 20 years and most recently has been a work in progress for the last handful of years. Now we’re at a point where we can share with guests our family home on the property and its super exciting to see this coming to life!

Bedroom in the Farmhouse
The Farmhouse

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