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Our Story

3rd Generation Family-Owned Farm

Our story begins in Sweden when our grandparents immigrated to the US and settled in Northern Minnesota. A girl from Stockholm and a farm boy from Darlana met in Detroit, MI and the rest is history. 

About Elm Creek Farms

In 1944, Grandpa Johan and Grandma Anna Anderson settled in Orr, Minnesota, and created a dairy farm, Pelican Lake Dairy. Equipped with their own onsite processing plant and a head of 30+ dairy cattle, they produced grade-A milk for nearly 40 years. Living off the land, putting in a hard days work, and always having a hot cup of coffee on, no matter if it was a 95F degree day, was a trademark for the Andersons. 

The farm today operates with the same work ethic, but with a few minor changes - in the cattle that is. Glenn and Sherry Erickson have replaced the dairy cattle with beef cattle and a plump garden that is just over an acre when you factor in both the "big" garden and the "little" garden. 

Non-GMO, Grass-Fed Beef

We've been raising registered Polled Herefords since 1991. Glenn started out with ten heifers, but in a given year since there are between 30-35 head of cattle. A manageable size for the land and the farm. With a sustainable farming mindset and practice, we are able to raise and care for our cattle in a way that is best for them and our land. Bringing prime beef from our farm to your table. 

Farm Fresh Chickens

and eggs too!

Each year we raise chickens for both eggs and meat. Our meat chickens are humanely raised and processed. They are dressed out whole, frozen after processing, and weigh between 6-8 pounds. Thaw and place in the oven uncovered or quarter and grill. Either way, you won't find a tastier chicken! Looking for eggs? Our Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock laying hens produce fresh eggs all year long.


Contact us to check on availability. 

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